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September 2009

New media relying on the old

Ottawa Delivered, a new print, web, and Twitter utilizing news service included this in an online story about a teachers strike today.


Speaking on radio station WCMY this morning, Ottawa Township High School Board President George "Skip" Hupp said the total cost for teachers with family plans would about $1,900 this year, or roughly 10 percent of the $19,000 it costs the city (sic) to provide each family plan.


INBA Board Meeting Agenda and Reminders

The INBA Board of Directors will meet on Friday, Oct. 2nd at 1:30 p.m. at the Grand Hotel and Conference Center in Peoria.  All members are welcome to attend.

The General Membership Meeting will be held during lunch on Oct. 3rd at the same location. 

Agendas and the respective minutes to be approved at both meetings are available for review on the Bylaws and Minutes page.

Also included are printable versions of the proposed bylaws changes to be considered at the General Membership Meeting.

If you have any questions, you can contact INBA President Jim Gee at

See you in Peoria!

News reporter makes Olympics pitch

Excerpts from Sunday's (Sep. 27) Chicago Tribune, Section 1, Page 3:

How desperate would Chicago 2016 be if a reporter -- not President Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey -- had to close the deal with the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen?

Such a predicament arose when Chicago bid for the 1952 Olympics, an effort that would unravel in spectacular fashion.

Marconi Awards

Congratulations to the Illinois stations that won Marconi Awards last night (24 Sep);

WJBC-AM - Small Market Station of  the Year

WGN-AM - News/Talk Station of the Year


Sacred Heart Univ Survey of Media, Abridged


INBA Foundation Meeting

The INBA Foundation Board of Directors will meet at 4:15 PM, Saturday, 3 October 09, in the Concierge Room of the Grand Hotel, 4400 Brandywine, Peoria, Illinois.  It is an open meeting.  The agenda follows.


Universities create own "wire service" to distribute news

With science journalism in retreat, universities try new strategy for informing the public
By Paul Rogers

Concerned that journalism's economic problems are reducing Americans' understanding of science, medicine and other research, 35 of the nation's top universities — including Stanford and UC-Berkeley — on Tuesday announced they will feed their own accounts of their discoveries directly to top news sites on the Internet.

Under the plan, the universities have formed what is essentially their own nonprofit wire service, called Futurity, to provide articles to popular Web sites such as Yahoo News and Google News, along with MySpace and Twitter.

"We've been really concerned. Our preference would be to have the level of coverage of science and research that we enjoyed for decades," said Lisa Lapin, assistant vice president for university communications at Stanford.

Online Journalists

Hi everyone,

Based on the current feedback, it looks like we all agree on one journalists should be a part of our organization.  Look at the changes made to the bylaws below, and please provide your feedback ASAP.  After thinking about this long and hard, I feel like what is written below would work out perfectly.  I don't think any changes would need to be made in the future.  I also feel as though this would keep “bloggers” from joining our organization.  Thoughts???



SECTION 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERS. The corporation shall have six (6) classes of members. The designation of such classes and the qualifications of members in such classes shall be as follows:

You know you want to...

... listen, just out of morbid curiosity, to how Rod Blagojevich sounds reading his new book. has a sample. 

Can't wait for the made-for-TV movie.

-- Gee

Judge Allows Cameras in Champaign Federal Court Case

A federal judge allowed broadcast news organizations to place cameras in his courtroom Tuesday for a hearing involving the Champaign school district.  While it was by no means a game-changer, it was a unique event noted by broadcast outlets serving the area.  

Check out the links below.  Thanks to H Wayne Wilson for the heads up.

Story from WILL-AM

Video report from WCIA-TV Ch. 3

Video report from WICD-TV Ch. 15

Video report from WAND-TV Ch. 17 (plays best on Internet Explorer)