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November 2009

J-School Changes

Great:  A journalism and mass comm director who wants to see his program encompass all media, but only recognizes print as a source for news.  I brought this issue up in a Poynter live chat too.  Multi-media journalism programs need to bring the broadcast discipline into the fold, not ignore it, because it's not just a "Oh hey, grab a camera and we'll put whatever you shoot on-line" solution.

Sealing motions

This seems so illegal.  It seems to be there should be a hearing to determine if records can be sealed and that it shouldn't be an arbitrary decision made by a judge without benefit of public argument.

Past President Ralph Smith Passes

The INBA family has lost one of its pioneers.

INBA Past President Ralph Smith has passed away after a battle with cancer.  HIs family was with him at his home in Pekin, Illinois.  Ralph was a charter member of INBA when it formed in 1955 and served as the third president in 1957 while he was the news director at WIRL-AM in Peoria.  His term as president was marked by ideas ahead of their time, most notably an effort to have radio and television stations co-fund a reporter in Springfield for better legislative coverage.

Past INBA President Bill Taylor (1974) indicates there will be no visitation or funeral, but there will be a memorial service at a later date.