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January 2010

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FOIA Requestors' Names Publicized

This is interesting: The City of Springfield now posts online the names of everyone who requests a public document, along with what they requested. Here's the story in the State-Journal Register, which includes the link to the Web site. What does everyone think about this???

Tweeting in Court

We're keeping an eye on this!   If anyone hears of tweeting from court here in Illinois, or any court actions on tweeting in court, please let me or someone else at INBA know about it.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to the many INBA members who reached out over the past week as I'm recovering from a broken ankle. I'm on the mend, and hope to be back up to full speed soon. That also means working toward our Spring 2011 convention. If you have something in mind that you'd like to see as a possible seminar, feel free to email me.

Former Decatur (WAND-TV) Reporter passes away

As I was catching up on emails, I found this in the TVSPY newsletter tonight. John Cater, who worked at WAND-TV in Decatur a few years ago, died in Atlanta where he was most recently working.

I worked at WAND at the same time, but more as a production assistant and editor, so I didn't interact with him much. When our paths did cross at the station, I do remember him being very friendly to fellow staff members.

Carlos Hernandez Gomes

Carlos passed away today at the age of 36.  He represented what is good about journalism, and he will be missed.

We should all take a moment to remember him, and offer our condolences to his wife, Randi.

Updated: Board of Directors Winter Meeting

Members are welcome to attend the next INBA Board of Directors meeting.  It will be held Saturday, January 16, 2010 at the WILL-TV studios in Urbana.  The meeting starts at noon.  Click here for directions.

Update:  The agenda for the meeting is available here in Adobe PDF format.

For Members Only - Back Issues of INBA's Newsletter

More than two years of INBA's electronic newsletter, TuneIN, is now online, exclusively for INBA Members.  To access the archive, log in to the site and use the "Members Only Section" navagation, which will appear on the left of this page.  Enjoy!