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April 2010

INBA Urges Governor to Stop FOIA Threats

INBA is encouraging Gov. Pat Quinn to put a stop to attempts to change the recently revised FOIA law.  Click here to read the letter sent to the governor this week.

Also, some other news coverage concerning HB 5154:

Statehouse News Service story on the FOIA amendments:

Capitol Fax post about the Senate committee hearing:

INBA President Melissa Hahn Speaks About FOIA Threat

Illinois Statehouse News posted an interview with INBA President Melissa Hahn concerning HB5154.   

An Update on a Critical Threat to FOIA

From Bob Roberts, INBA's FOI/OMA Chair:

     The misguided bill that would put all public employee evaluations off limits to the public and the press in Illinois was rammed through the Illinois Senate Labor Committee 7-3 this week. It now goes to the Senate floor, where it faces its final legislative vote. The time to write, e-mail or call your legislator urging opposition to the bill is now, and if you commit those thoughts to paper or e-mail, copy Gov. Pat Quinn.

INBA General Membership Meeting - April 17th

INBA's membership will meet on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the Oak Brook Marriott Resort, as part of its Spring Convention.  Click here to download the agenda.

INBA Board of Directors Meeting - Friday, April 16th

The INBA Board of Directors will meet on Friday, April 16th at the Oak Brook Marriott Resort.  The meeting will be held in the Windsor room starting at Noon... all members are welcome to attend. You can download a PDF version of the agenda here.

2010 SINBA Awards Finalists

Here are the finalists for the 2010 SINBA Awards.  Students are listed by category in no particular order.  Winners will be announced Saturday night at the awards banquet.  Congratulations to all our students!

INBA Foundation Meeting Canceled

Because there will not be enough Foundation board members present to constitute a quorum, the INBA Foundation meeting scheduled for 4 PM Saturday, April 17, has been canceled.


INBA Convention Session: "Making That Next Big Move"

Hello to all of my INBA friends back in Illinois! I look forward to seeing you at the Spring INBA convention in Oak Brook.

Convention chair Jennifer O'Neill has asked me to lead a session Saturday afternoon, April 17th, at around 1pm. Here's what I've come up with:

"Making That Next Big Move"

Most of us, at some point in our broadcast journalism careers, will have to make a decision to move. Maybe you've found your dream job in another city. Or, the next step in your career progression. Maybe the decision to move wasn't yours. 

In this session, we're going to talk about when, where, how and why you should consider moving. Is the grass always greener somewhere else? Does bigger (market size) always mean better...and, more money? Do I need an agent? How big is too big for my next market?

Journalism on Trial

Good article on journalism and the consequences of tabloid journalism on the rest of us.

INBA Foundation Board Meeting

The INBA Foundation will hold a board meeting at 4 PM on Saturday, 17 April in the Canterbury Room of the Oak Brook Marriott Resort.  It is an open meeting.  The agenda follows.


17 April 10    Oak Brook, IL


I. Call to Order


II. Approval of 3 October 09 Minutes


III. President’s Report


IV. Treasurer’s Report


V. Fundraising Efforts

VI. Old Business



VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment