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June 2010

Nominee Supports Cameras in SCOTUS

During her confirmation hearings this week, Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan gave an emphatic "yes" to the idea of televising the high court's proceedings.  Read more about it here.  You can also watch her testimony (with a lengthy introduction by Sen. Spector... and a little humor to boot): 

Thanks to INBA Board member Amanda Vinciky for the heads up!

Blurring News and Entertainment

Below is an excerpt of an article by columnist Brian Lowry of Variety, which refers to the 'wackadoodle' demographic of television viewership. He writes this  encompasses folks who gravitate toward conspiracy theories, end-of-the-world prophecies and alien abduction. Lowry is concerned about the growing number of 'news' programs that pander to this audience, specificially one hosted by weekend uber-anchor Lester Holt.


Wackadoodle TV doesn't really worry about distinguishing between truth and fiction. In fact, it often seems to welcome the parallels between them, as in ... Syfy's upcoming "Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations," a two-hour special transparently designed to promote the channel's series "Warehouse 13."

KU newsrooms combine

From the Topeka Capital-Journal -

Too Close to Politicians?

From TVNewser....


A Victory! Cams and Mics in the Courts

Check out this article.  INBA will be encouraging our two U.S. Senators to vote yes! 

Article on Radio Listenership...Good News!

Glad to read this...

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Tornado Coverage First-Hand Experience

Hello everyone.  For those that may not know me, I am T.J. Carson and I am the News Director at WSPL-AM in Streator.

For those that may or may not (most likely may) know, tornadoes ravaged through Elmwood, Magnolia, Streator, and Dwight on Saturday evening.  And since our station is based in one of those towns, along with two other towns in our coverage area, I wanted to share some of my experiences in covering the storms.

First off, when I received word about the tornado, I was way out of town, Chicago to be exact.  I was at a housewarming party up in the big city.  On a side note, I was not originally planning on staying in Chicago that evening, but was invited to said party so I took up the offer.  Despite that, I kept getting these bad feelings that afternoon and evening that something bad would happen (I originally thought my apartment would be broken into, but turns out it was the tornadoes).

WTTW Chicago laying off