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January 2011

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INBA has had a group page on Facebook for some time, but now we've set up a fan page! Simply search for Illinois News Broadcasters Association, and then "like" us!

We hope to use the page, in addition to this website, to stay in touch and get new ideas for professional development and other membership events.

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International broadcasters shutting down

Several international broadcasters recently shut down their shortwave outlets, right around the end of the year. They're still producing programs. It's just easier and less expensive to reach people over the Internet than by bouncing a radio signal across continents and oceans. Of course, shortwave audiences are drastically different than the AM and FM audiences most of us in the INBA are familiar with. The differences have a lot to do with which parts of the radio spectrum people are interested in and most people aren't interested in shortwave.

I just thought I'd try to stir up a discussion about what this might foreshadow for other aspects of broadcasting, i.e. local news.

Board Names Fuller to INBA Presidency

The INBA Board of Directors unanimously elected long-time INBA member Jennifer Fuller as the organization's new president at its January 22nd meeting.  Fuller will complete the term of former-President Melissa Hahn, who left the position to take a job in state government.

Fuller is an anchor and reporter for public radio station WSIU-FM. She's been a member of INBA since she was an undergraduate at Southern Illinois University, and she was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2004.  She served as Treasurer from 2006 to 2010, when she was elected to the position of Vice President.  In addition, she's served as a convention co-chair and on many committees. 

Fuller received a master's degree from the Public Affair Reporting program at the University of Illinois Springfield, and she also worked at WTAX-AM in the capital city.

Members can reach Jennifer at

The Board also appointed Laura Trendle Polus, faculty advisor for Illinois State University's TV-10 News program, to serve as Vice President.  Jeff Bossert, of WILL-FM in Urbana, was named to fill her seat on the Board.

The Board also discussed updating INBA's Code of Ethics to address growing trends in online journalism.  It also set dues for the new classifications of membership in the By-laws revision, which was approved in the fall.

(Pictured, from left to right:  Board member Dave Dahl, Treasurer Alex Degman, Resource Manager and Past President H Wayne Wilson, President Fuller, and Board members Kim Vanden Berg and Bob Roberts. Photo: Jim Gee).

Spring Convention Dates Changed to April 15 - 17, 2011

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Spring 2011 INBA Convention dates have changed. 

The new dates are April 15 - 17, 2011.  The convention will still be at the Holiday Inn Rock Island, and the discount rate for attendees will remain a jaw-dropping $74/night.

Zodiac and other shifts

I've been scratching my head over how, suddenly, it became "news" that the zodiacs of astronomy and astrology aren't in sync. The article I've linked below strongly implicates social networking. If it's not being talked about on Facebook yet, some people of that chic don't know about it. That underscores what so many of us in news are hearing today about how we need to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Hahn Takes New Position; INBA Board to Appoint New President

INBA President Melissa Hahn has left Illinois Radio Network to take a position in state government.  She's the new press secretary of Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford.  As she's no longer eligible to serve as an officer on the INBA Board, Melissa tendered her resignation to INBA Vice President Jennifer Fuller this week.

In an e-mail to board members, Hahn expressed her best wishes to INBA.  "It is with a heavy heart that I leave not only the news business," she wrote, " but INBA as well."

Hahn's been an integral part of INBA's leadership over the years.  In addition to her year-and-a-half as President, she's served as both Vice President and a convention co-chair.  On the professional front, she's worked as Springfield Bureau Chief for IRN, as an instructor for UIS' Public Affairs Reporting Program, and as the statehouse reporter  for WICS-TV in Springfield. 

In accordance with INBA's By-laws, Fuller, a reporter and anchor at WSIU-FM in Carbondale, temporarily assumes the duties of President.  Hahn is assisting her in preparation for the Board of Directors' January 22nd meeting.

The INBA Board will confirm a new President by majority vote at that meeting.  The new President will fill the remainder of Hahn's term, which expires in the fall.

INBA Winter Board Meeting - Time and Location

The INBA Board of Directors will meet Satrurday, January 22, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.  The meeting will again be held at the WTAX broadcast facility at 3501 E. Sangamon Ave.

The Board will discuss several issues, including the election of a new President.  Members are welcome to attend.


Live shot trouble during meteor watch

Watch above and to the left of the person in the field as he begins to talk about not being able to see any meteors.

The 2011 JobFile

Celebrate the new year with the first, minty-fresh edition of the INBA JobFile.  This week's listing is now online and ready for download-- a whopping 60+ pages for job ads from across the Midwest!

Want to get an e-mail alert when new issues of the JobFile are ready?  Go to this page and follow the instructions at the bottom.

The JobFile is a weekly, join effort by INBA and the Chicago Headline Club.  It you think it's valuable, consider joining as a member.  Your dues help support it and the many other things INBA does for broadcast journalists in Illinois.


PBS article on journalism school future

The article is about training students for specialties v. general assignments. The University of Toronto is taking the approach that specialized reporting skills (maybe those of a science reporter or medical correspondent, for example) are more marketable than general assignment skills.