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August 2017

Re-Thinking The Term 'Alt-Right'

Charlottesville Vigil

From The Associated Press:

"The events in Charlottesville are an opportunity to take another look at our terminology around “alt-right” and the way that we describe the various racist, neo-Nazi, white nationalist and white supremacist groups out there."

Poynter Tips on Covering Racist Images

The Poynter Institute has prepared advice on how to cover words and images perceived as racist, in the wake of this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

ABC News' Cheri Preston at Fall Convention

You can hear her every morning on ABC Radio News at the top of the hour, and on Saturday night, the INBA Fall Convention listened carefully to Cheri Preston.  She encouraged the crowd of journalists, saying "Your work matters."  She recounted experiences she has had, covering the Iraq War, Superstorm Sandy, the Newtown shootings and more.  She also charted her path, from her days as a music major at Quincy University to finding the student radio station when she transferred to SIU-C.  A former professor, Ken Keller, and several former classmates were in the crowd.

INBA Response to AG Sessions

Mr. Attorney General:

     We at the Illinois News Broadcasters Association are profoundly disappointed by what can only be construed as constitutionally questionable threats.