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Peoria TV Anchor Terminated

WHOI-TV Anchor Eric Greene is no longer with the station, according to an article in the Peoria Journal-Star.
Greene was part of a panel addressing students' expectations of a broadcast news job, at the most recent INBA convention, in April 2017 (pictured).

Changes at WICS-TV

Several changes have happened recently at Springfield TV station WICS.  General Manager Rick Lipps, who is quoted in this article, attended some of the events at this Spring's INBA Convention.


INBA Votes to Trim Board

Members at the INBA Spring Convention voted to decrease the size of the Board of Directors by two over the next two election cycles.
This means that in Fall 2017, only 8 board members will be chosen (not 9), and in Fall 2018, 7 board members will be chosen.  The 6 officer positions will remain.  The full board size will change from 15 to 13.


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