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Our Bylaws


Hello Everyone!
It's time to once again put on your thinking caps. As you saw in the last TuneIN, INBA President Melissa Hahn mentioned there will be a new committee. We are tasked with looking at and updating the bylaws. This does tie in with some of the work that was already done by the Membership Committee. It is our job to take a look at the changes that have occurred in our industry and use that to update some of our bylaws. So, to start out this discussion, I feel like we can start with something that was discussed by the Membership Committee and put before the membership for a vote at the last convention. 
Take a look at the current bylaw and what was proposed by the Membership Committee. This particular change was regarding online journalists.
What are your thoughts on the proposed changes? Should we be wording it differently? Should we even consider this at all? You might notice, that there isn't much that was changed or added to the bylaw....but a few words can make a big difference.
I look forward to everyone's feedback! I hope you have all had a great Holiday Season! :-)

The following is what was proposed during the most recent INBA convention. Anything underlined is an addition to the bylaws. Anything in bold and is red is a deletion from the bylaws.


SECTION 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERS. The corporation shall have six (6) classes of
members. The designation of such classes and the qualifications of members in such classes shall be as follows:
A. Membership in the Corporation shall be open to persons engaged in the reporting,
writing, editing, and the broadcasting or electronic distribution of news for radio,
television and/or cable radio and television, or the Internet and/or online news outlets
serving the State of Illinois, to persons engaged in broadcast, and/or cable, or electronic news education at colleges and universities in the State and other persons interested in promoting the ideas of the Corporation.
Classes of Membership.

1 . Voting membership in this Corporation may be vested in those persons enumerated above who are primarily engaged in the reporting, writing, editing or broadcasting of news for broadcast licensees, cable radio and television stations,recognized news services or networks serving the State of Illinois. Provided, however, that persons so engaged and employed shall be headquartered in the State of Illinois or in metropolitan areas adjacent to the State of Illinois AND IS NOT ENGAGED IN OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES THAT CONFLICT WITH THE

Voting membership in this Corporation may also be vested in those persons primarily engaged in broadcast, and/or cable, or electronic news education at colleges and universities in the State of Illinois, or students of those institutions who are interested in broadcast and/or cable news..

Melissa.Hahn's picture

Hello everyone! WE NEED INPUT!!!

The ad hoc committee will be proposing language for the January 16th board meeting, where we'll have to vote to put the language before the full membership at the spring convention. Even if you're not on the ad hoc committee, please give us your ideas!

Now, the wording can be amended at the full membership meeting, so we can continue to work on it up until the time of the vote. But we'd like as much input as possible, as soon as possible!

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Julie, thanks for doing this. Looks like a good start to me, and I look forward to a discussion on the 16th !!

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Hello everyone!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know your thoughts on this! I know it is still a busy time of the year, but if you get a few minutes over the weekend, take a moment to comment on this....the committee has a LOT of work to do on this and we are just getting started! But, we can't get started until we hear your thoughts! :-)

I will be sure to monitor the discussion closely over the next few days... please take a few minutes to do this!

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I've been thinking about what change I'd make if I were going to make one. I can't think of one. It seemed to me, the membership present at the fall meeting mostly wanted to think about it until spring. The concerns that came up were the same ones we talked about in committee. So I think we did a good job. Let's try it again in the spring.

Rick Koshko
WCMY News Director

Joey.Helleny's picture

I am happy with the amendment as submitted last fall.