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FOI Law Change - INBA Members Act Now!


Lawmakers are moving closer to a revision of Illinois' Freedom of Information Act. While not perfect, it represents a good start. That analysis, as you'll see below in a report from our FOI chair Bob Roberts, comes with some substantial caveats.

It is important that you talk about these proposed changes in your newsrooms this week-- the FOI law is instrumental to our mission as broadcast journalists to keep the public informed. No change in this law should be made lightly or proceed without our voice being hear. I also ask that members bring this to their news directors and general managers. These changes deserve a full-throated response from management.

As INBA President, I will be weighing in formally, with Bob's assistance, on behalf of our organization. It is also important that you, the individual journalist, take the time to write lawmakers and the Attorney General to express concerns.

---Jim Gee, INBA President

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