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Article on Radio Listenership...Good News!

Glad to read this...

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Notable from the FMQB article:

"Over the course of a typical week, nearly 220 million Persons aged 12 and older tune to more than 7,200...stations, up from 213 million listeners one year ago...

Other data...shows that despite the adoption of MP3 players and the growth of mobile and Internet-only stations, radio reaches 93.1 percent of Persons aged 12+ each week. Even 91 percent of the youngest radio audience, teens aged 12-17, who are most accustomed to using new technologies and forms of media, continue to tune in each week."

In other words...don't think for a moment that radio is dead. Is it evolving? Of course. Do we need to evolve with it to stay relevant? Yes. But, as noted in the article, radio is still a part of the lives of more than 90% of those surveyed. Other surveys have reported similar results.

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