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Major By-laws Revisions Proposed for October Vote

INBA's membership will be asked to consider a major set of revisions to its by-laws at the October 2, 2010 lunch meeting in Bloomington. These revisions cover a wide range of issues, from categories of membership to simple spelling and grammar corrections.

The By-laws committee sought the input of the Board of Directors during a marathon session at the Spring 2010 convention in Oak Brook, during which the existing by-laws were combed line-by-line to correct inconsistencies. These final proposed revisions will require a vote of two-thirds of eligible members present at the Oct. 2nd meeting.

These revisions have been published this summer in the TuneIN. They are also available online for download here.

Members with questions or comments about the proposed changes are encouraged to contact committee members Jennifer Fuller, H Wayne Wilson  or Rich Egger (via the Board page) or post comments in the INBA Forum.


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