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Past President Clark "Ira" Kelly Dies

INBA mourns the loss of Past President Clark "Ira" Kelly, who passed away Monday at the age of 71.

Kelly, a native of the Bureau County area, lived and worked in western Illinois nearly all of his life. He began his career in newspapers, and later worked for WSDR and WIXN in Dixon, IL.

Kelly served on INBA's Board of Directors from 1977-1978, and was elected Vice President in 1980. He assumed the role of President after Frank Graham left office later that year. After his terms as President and Past President, Kelly was again elected to serve... this time as Executive Secretary from 1984-1985. During his tenure, INBA established a dedicated Legal Defense Fund, and set aside $2,000 to help the cause.

It was just a short time ago that Kelly rejoined the INBA to celebrate Past Presidents during the Fall 2009 Convention in Peoria. He was one of 23 Past Presidents at the meeting. (See photo, Kelly is front row, 5th from right.)

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Jennifer Fuller INBA President WSIU Radio