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The History of INBA

Since the mid-1950’s, the Illinois News Broadcasters Association has existed to serve the needs of electronic journalists state-wide. Its history encompasses countless people, all volunteers, who dedicated part of their valuable time to making life a little better for working news men and women. Since its founding, INBA has undergone many changes, but at its core it remains the organization dedicated to the principles of its founders.

The history of INBA has existed in various forms, scattered through old newsletters, board meeting minutes, and institutional memory. Here is a comprehensive collection of what INBA was and is, compiled by archivist and Past President H Wayne Wilson.

Due to their size and formatting, some of these documents are presented for download in Adobe PDF format. If you need to get Acrobat Reader, click here.

The First Decade

A Commitment to Students

INBA Firsts

A Detailed History (PDF)

INBA Conventions – A Chronology (PDF)

Cameras & Microphones in the Court (PDF)



INBA's Past Presidents, Fall 2009 Convention