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The Association


The six officers of INBA work with the nine Directors to help set policy and approve action on behalf of the membership. Officers are elected annually, with the last serving Past President also acting as a voting member of the Board.

- presides over board and general membership meetings
- appoints committee chairs
- represents INBA on public issues

- fills in for the president if he/she is unavailable
- is responsible for arrangements and signing contracts with convention hotels
- helps convention committees organize their efforts

Executive Secretary
- maintains the INBA membership list
- collects membership dues
- annually files papers with state or federal agencies
- serves as the parliamentarian

- maintains financial records for the INBA
- pays INBA bills
- prepares an annual budget for presentation at the fall board meeting
- recommends changes in dues at the fall board meeting in even-numbered years

Recording Secretary
- electronically publishes the monthly newsletter
- takes minutes at board and membership meetings

Immediate Past President
- administers the Illinoisan of the Year Award
- recommends candidates to the Board for the INBA Distinguished Service Award
- maintains current contact information for past INBA presidents
- develops new and counsels existing student INBA (SINBA) chapters