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This forum is for INBA members to discuss cams and mics issues.  INBA's Jim Grimes is the current chair of our cams and mics committee. 

This forum can be accessed only by members.  To discuss general issues, please use the INBA Official Facebook Page.

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Tom Jakeway, 17th Circuit Court's media liaison, tells us that there have been 36 requests for cameras/mics in trial courts since June 1st, 2012. So far five trials have had electronic coverage. And so far there have been no problems. The Courts staff continue to work with the media representatives in developing procedures for the electronic coverage. The designated media coordinator is Katie Nilsson of WREX TV. (8-20-12)
--Jim Grimes

Jim Grimes,
Media Instructor
Joliet Junior College
Lincoln land Community College
WUIS Radio
WQNA Radio