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INBA Board Meeting Agenda


The INBA Board of Directors will hold its 3rd Quarter meeting this Friday, July 13 at 3:00pm in Bradley University's Caterpillar Global Communications Center, 834 N. Duryea Place, Peoria. The meeting is open to the public.
Illinois News Broadcasters Association
Summer 2012 Board Meeting Agenda
July 13, 2012                      Peoria, Illinois
I.                    CALL TO ORDER
A.      Spring 2012 Board Meeting Minutes
II.                  OFFICER REPORTS
A.      President-Jennifer Fuller
B.      Vice President-Jacob Long
1.       Spring 2012 Convention-Rich Egger (FINAL REPORT)
2.       Fall 2012 Convention- Rachel Lippmann
3.       Spring 2013 Convention-Jeff Bossert
4.       Fall 2013 Convention-Brian Adams/Sue Stephens
5.       Spring 2014 Convention-H Wayne Wilson/Tanya Koonce
C.      Treasurer- Tanya Koonce
D.      Executive Secretary- Rich Egger
E.       Recording Secretary- Jeff Bossert
F.       Immediate Past President- Jim Gee
**Motion to accept Officer Reports**
**Accept for filing**
A.      Standing Committees
1.       Cams/Mics- Jim Grimes
2.       FOIA/OMA- Bob Roberts
3.       Legislation- Amanda Vinicky
4.       Honors and Awards- Tanya Koonce
5.       SINBA Awards- Alex Degman
6.       Financial Committee- Tanya Koonce
a.       INBA Directory- Jeff Bossert
b.      Scholarship Auction- Dave Dahl
7.       Membership/Outreach/Benefits-
8.       INBA Mentoring/Tape Critiques- Jenna Dooley
9.       Professional Development- Sandra Tores Lopez
10.   Nominations/Elections- Jeff Bossert
a.       Sandra Torres-Lopez resignation
b.      Torres-Lopez Board vacancy
11.   INBA Archives- H Wayne Wilson
12.   INBA Website- Jim Gee
**Motion to accept Committee Reports**
V.                 MEMBERSHIP BUSINESS
A.      Quarterly Report- H Wayne Wilson (Membership Coordinator)
VI.               NEW BUSINESS
VII.              ADJOURNMENT


Jennifer.Fuller's picture
Jennifer Fuller INBA President WSIU Radio