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WJBC Pulls Pitcher from Retirement

From's Eric Stock:

BLOOMINGTON - You can always go back home as WJBC's Red Pitcher is finding out.

Pitcher is returning as Radio Bloomington market manager for Bloomington and Pontiac stations (WJBC, WBNQ, B-104, NASH ICON and WJEZ) after an 18-month hiatus.

"Professors take sabbaticals," Pitcher said. "I'm not a professor, but the sabbatical was great. It recharged my batteries. I'm really looking forward to being back."

Pitcher announced Thursday that he was coming out of retirement, though he had always maintained a presence at the Greenwood Ave. studios where he had worked for 25 years.

"I was never truly away. I really feel it was conspiratorial to get me off the air and not have me on the 2 to 6 shift," he quipped.

The 63-year-old Pitcher has been a fill-in host as WJBC has been in transition prior to the hiring of Tim Lewis as program director.

The 37-year broadcast veteran said the time back behind the mic brought back to him why he first got into radio.

"Working in the studio and with the people who are on the air everyday was invigorating for me," Pitcher said. "It was an opportunity to get back to the roots of broadcasting that I like to do. That led me to want to contribute as much as I could."

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