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S-INBA Awards Finalists Announced

First and second-place winners for the 2014 S-INBA Awards are listed, in no particular order.   The places will be announced during the Awards Dinner at the Spring 2015 INBA Convention, at the Uptown Marriott in Normal.


Outstanding Hard Radio Programing

Illinois State University

Outstanding Soft Radio Programming

University of Illinois

Loyola University

Outstanding Radio Newscast

Loyola University, Lunchtime News

Outstanding Radio News Reporting

Jonathon Nonnie, University of Illinois

Angela Headley, University of Illinois

Outstanding Radio Sports Reporting

Kevin McCarthy, University of Illinois

Drew Hoffman, Western Illinois University

Outstanding Radio Sports Play-by-Play

 Jacob Molburg, Western Illinois University entry 1

Joshua Dillion, Western Illinois University entry 2

Outstanding Use of Sound

Alyssa Rege, University of Illinois

Drew Hoffman, Western Illinois University



Outstanding Hard TV News Program

Western Illinois University

Outstanding Soft TV News Program

University of Illinois

Illinois State University

Outstanding Sports Television Program

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Illinois State University

Outstanding TV Newscast

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Eastern Illinois University WEIU-T.V.

Outstanding TV News Reporting

Nathan Page, Eastern Illinois University

Drew Hoffman, Western Illinois University

Outstanding Television Sports Reporting  

Andrew Bacon, Western Illinois University

Alan Selph, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Outstanding Videography

Kole Rushmore, Eastern Illinois University

Cody Bergquist, Illinois State University