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Radio Station, City at Odds

  A talk show host and a reporter for a Bloomington/Normal radio station say they are being treated unfairly by city leaders, including the mayor.
  Cities 92 Host Ian Bayne says "The city of Bloomington has declared war on media that does not agree with them."
  Bayne has sent three news releases in recent days, related to an incident involving City of Bloomington Communications Director Nora Dukowitz and Cities 92 (WRPW) reporter Josh Schmidgall. On Friday, Dukowitz filed for a civil “no contact” order against Schmidgall, who goes by “Fistbump” on the air. On the air, Bayne has chronicled Schmidgall’s attempts to question Dukowitz at her City Hall office, and recently being turned away and told not to return. Dukowitz told the Pantagraph that Schmidgall showed up at her apartment unannounced on Monday, May 18.  The order includes a provision that Schmidgall be prohibited from possessing a Firearms Owners Identification Card or possessing or buying firearms.
   Bayne is also calling out Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner for comments at the most recent city council meeting.  Renner responded to citizen concerns about the Dukowitz/Schmidgall situation, saying: "This has to do with people trying to get a 'gotcha" moment; no one who's hired by our city has the right to be stalked by someone pretending to be a journalist."
  A hearing on the “no contact” order is scheduled for June 4, in McLean County Circuit Court.


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