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Military Commander Makes Keynote Speech

  Colonel Elmer Speights, Jr. told a roomful of broadcasters that there was good reason he didn't become "one of them," even though he earned a degree in Broadcast Communcations in college.  Instead, he became a "one-percenter," and followed his family history of military service. His life has been spent in the U.S. Army, and his latest stop is as Garrison Commander at the Rock Island Arsenal. The Colonel expressed respect for most journalists he's dealt with, and recounted stories of his interactions with Dan Rather and Geraldo Rivera.
From combat to troop withdrawals, from military spending to base closings, reporters cover many stories connected to the Armed Forces, and Speights offered his perspective on many of those issues.
  Also, Colonel Speights is arranging a unique opportunity for Convention Attendees to tour the Rock Island Arsenal on Sunday.