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Website Bugs / Troubleshooting

Hello, and I hope you are enjoying the new INBA website.  

I wanted to start a thread on the forum as a place to report bugs or problems with the site, so we can make sure the infrastructure is sound before we add any additional features.  If you notice a problem with the site, or something that just doesn't look right, please post it in this thread and I will investigate. 

One recurring issue... I have recieved a few emails about seeing your name twice in the "Who's online" when you are logged in.  

I'm not sure what is causing that hiccup, but I also see myself twice in the list.  I'm trying to figure it out, but for now it seems to be just a hiccup.

If you notice any other bugs please post them here!  Thanks!


Matt Swaney
Webmaster |

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Hi- I have had a couple of people mention they're having trouble registering for the Fall '09 convention. One says the name box is only two characters wide. Anyone else having this problem?


Jennifer Fuller
INBA President
WSIU Radio

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There was some discussion about the comments/forums threading strangely and causing confusion when reading thru a forum topic. This issue is being resolved and you should see drastic improvements to the way the forum reads.