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Radio Newsman Retires

 Coming from a family that sold TVs and radios, it's not really a surprise that Bill Wheelhouse chose a career in broadcasting.  Or maybe it chose him.  At just 16, Wheelhouse started working on the air at WRMS radio in Beardstown, about 10 minutes from his home in Rushville.  He continued on the air at Western Illinois University, and immediately went to work after graduation, at stations in Springfield and Macomb. He started early enough, that he's now found himself able to retire early - a few months shy of his 53rd birthday, and with kids still in school. 
  He's been at WUIS in Springfield since 1995, much of that time as General Manager, but also as a reporter, covering everything from the Statehouse to the State Fair.
 He's played many roles in the INBA: board member 1995-1997, vice president 1998-1999, president 1999-2001, and he has served on the INBA Foundation Board.  He's also dropped in to be the auctioneer and to just generally stir things up at conventions over the past several years. 
 The INBA Board thanks him for his service and wishes him well in whatever new adventures he tries next.