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SCOILL adopts Cameras in the Courts policy

 Chief Justice Rita B. Garman announced on Monday that the Illinois Supreme Court has concluded its four-year pilot project permitting news cameras in Illinois courtrooms and has adopted a permanent Policy for Extended Media Coverage (EMC) in the Circuit Courts of Illinois.

  The Illinois News Broadcasters Association (INBA) applauds this announcement.

  “We are gratified that the high court is validating that media professionals can be trusted to handle this responsibility,” said Laura Trendle Polus, INBA President.  “Our organization has long fought for the opportunity to cover court cases in this way.  We want to use the tools of our trade -- the microphone and camera -- and to bring these stories to our audiences. We think our audiences benefit, and it’s very possible that the court system benefits as well.”

   The pilot program was launched in January 2012, allowing the use of media cameras in certain courtrooms on an experimental basis.  According to a Supreme Court news release, since then, 15 judicial circuits have applied and been approved to implement the extended coverage, and more than 450 media requests have been made.