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Spring Convention Underway

The Spring INBA Convention Is April 22-24 in Springfield at the Wyndham City Centre (formerly the Hilton). 

Featured Sessions:

Saturday    9-10:15am  29th Floor
*Reporter Roundtable on State Government*
Illinois has gone nearly 11 months without a budget. Join a panel of statehouse reporters for a discussion about the happenings in Springfield. What's the relationship between Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislative leaders? Panelists will also discuss the alarming trend of a shrinking press pool in Springfield.

Saturday   10:30-11:30am    29th Floor
*Making Sense of Spreadsheets*
We all pay taxes, but do you know where your money goes? What exactly does it pay for, and how do you find an interesting story in the balance? This panel will discuss the expense side of the ledger and how decisions are made with your money.

Saturday   1:45-3pm    29th Floor
*Elections 2016: Gearing up for November*
From ballot busting at the county level to tales from the campaign trail in New York, this panel will get us ready for the next presidential election. What is the best advice for covering a town hall, a rally or a one-on-one?

Saturday 6:15-10pm  29th Floor
Featured Speaker:  Ray Suarez of Al-Jazeera America and PBS Newshour
Associated Press Awards
SINBA Awards

Sunday     9-10:30am    29th Floor
“Leadership in the Newsroom”
The panel will discuss the barriers to success in the current newsroom climate and how can you walk around, under or through them. Learn great tips on personal and professional success from proven leaders. This is a leadership skills tutorial for the student and working journalist.