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Spring Convention Wraps Up

More than 100 people attended INBA's Spring Convention, at the Eastland Suites in Urbana.  Sessions covered Fake News, Safely Covering a Protest, and Social Media Faux Pas. Awards were presented for outstanding journalism at both the professional and student levels.   


Friday, April 21
Registration and Opening Reception at Eastland Suites

Scholarship Interviews at Eastland Suites

Dinner on your own in Champaign/Urbana

Saturday, April 22


“The Facts”   Our response to #fakenews.  Where else would we start?

“The Politics of Protest”    The mood’s been changing; are the rules changing, too?

Lunch and Business Meeting at 12noon at Eastland Suites

Special session for students – resume and reel critiques

“Social Media Faux Pas”  Advice on when/when not to post, Tweet or Snap

“Staying Objective in a Polarized Landscape”   The challenges we’ve all been facing

Cocktail Reception at Eastland Suites

Dinner, Keynote Speaker Sarah McCammon, Awards Presentation 6-9:30pm at Eastland Suites

Sunday, April 23

“Sports as News”    When the story’s more than who scored the most points
Brunch and the Closing Resolution

Tours at Blue Waters Supercomputer (optional)