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INBA Response to AG Sessions

Mr. Attorney General:

     We at the Illinois News Broadcasters Association are profoundly disappointed by what can only be construed as constitutionally questionable threats. 

     If your goal is to intimidate the media into silence, you have failed.  We will meet your shot across the bow the way journalists have since the Republic was founded.  We will dig for news and report credible, verifiable information, working with trusted sources -- sources whom we will continue to protect.
     Our system is one of checks and balances, and the media provide one of the most important checks of all, one that is not beholden to any politician or viewpoint.  The media's importance was acknowledged by the Founding Fathers themselves, particularly Thomas Jefferson.  We take the First Amendment at its word and will defend the right of journalists to carry out that mandate.

Bob Roberts, FOI/OMA Chair