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Student Award Finalists

Finalists for this year's SINBA Awards are:

T1 – Outstanding Hard Television Program

  • Bottom Line, Illinois State University
  • Live at Four, Western Illinois University

T2 – Outstanding Soft Television Program

  • Good Morning Macomb, Western Illinois University
  • Ten on 10, Illinois State University

T3 – Outstanding Sports Television Program

  • Saluki SportsView, Justin Broom, Southern Illinois University
  • WIU Football Coach’s Show, Danny Frey, Western Illinois University

T4 – Outstanding Television Newscast

  • NTC News Shooting Anniversary Special, Eddie Garcia & Mateo Avila, Northern Illinois University
  • WEIU News Watch, Lynnsey Veach, Eastern Illinois University

T5 – Outstanding Television News Reporting

  • Stephanie Rodriguez, Illinois State University
  • Justin Taylor Vessel, Southern Illinois University

T6 – Outstanding Television Sports Reporting

  • Eddie Garcia, Northern Illinois University
  • Justin Fitzpatrick, Western Illinois University

T7 – Outstanding Videography

  • Scott Beyer, Illinois State University
  • Ryan Garity, Western Illinois University

R1 -- Outstanding Hard Radio Program

  • Ashley Antonini, Laurel Becker, Blake Haas, and WZND News Room, Illinois State University

 R2 -- Outstanding Soft Radio Program

  • Man Coverage, Western Illinois University, Show host - Ryan Mumma.   
  • Neil Doyle and Andy Olson, Illinois State University

R3 -- Outstanding Radio Newscast

  • Neil Doyle, Illinois State University

R4 -- Outstanding Radio News Reporting 

  • Marcellus Angel, Western Illinois University
  • Baylee Steelman, Illinois State University

R5 -- Outstanding Radio Sports Reporting

  • Neil Doyle, Illinois State University
  • Neil Doyle and Steve Wrzala, Illinois State University

 R6 -- Outstanding Radio Sports Play-By-Play

  • Danny Frey, Western Illinois University
  • ​Andy Olson, Illinois State University

R7 -- Outstanding Use of Sound

  • John Benedeck, Western Illinois University
  • ​Neil Doyle, Illinois State University

Winners will be announced at our annual spring convention, which will be held April 20-22 in East Peoria.

If you have any questions about the SINBA Awards, please contact INBA Board Member Josh Morgan of WREX-TV in Rockford at