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INBA Podcast: H Wayne Wilson

In the latest episode of the INBA Podcast, Margaret Larkin talks with a fixture of INBA, H Wayne Wilson.

H Wayne Wilson

H Wayne Wilson has been working in Illinois media for several years, mostly in Peoria. He talks about getting his start in radio at WIIT at the Illinois Institute of Technology, his experience in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War as a translator, and his career in radio and TV, including: working at WSIU radio when he was a student at Southern Illinois University (SIU), WMBD in Peoria, WCBU public radio, WRAU-TV (which became WHOI-TV), becoming freelance for WTVP in Peoria, and working again at WCBU radio as a correspondent.

He is well-known in Peoria for hosting the public affairs show “At Issue” on WTPV-TV and reporting on Peoria stories. He talks about how he does documentaries, why he loves Peoria, gives advice for working in the media, how the media has changed, discusses the significance of the INBA, and more. H was interviewed by Margaret Larkin after the INBA spring convention in Normal, Illinois.

Listen to this episode on Soundcloud.