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In 1963, the Illinois News Broadcasters Association awarded its first scholarship, a $200 stipend to Alan Morris of the University of Illinois. That began a long tradition of giving scholarships to college students pursuing degrees in broadcast journalism.

The 2014 scholarship winners are Lise Graham of the University of Illinois, Ryan Huffer of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Andrew Bacon of Western Illinois University and Christa Shavers of the UIS PAR program. A new scholarship was given in memory of Springfield-area broadcaster Bob Murray, to Chris Newman of Illinois State University.

The scholarships are based on academics, financial need and a demonstrated interest in broadcast journalism. INBA, now offering annual scholarships of more than $1,200 each to four students, has granted more than 160 scholarships worth nearly $120,000 over the years. In order to permanently fund the scholarship program, we formed the INBA Foundation, which the Internal Revenue Service designated as a 501(c)3 organization on April 4, 2003.

The Foundation operates autonomously, generating income to fund the scholarships while not participating in the selection process. A seven-member board of directors oversees its management, with its goal to maximize income while achieving equity growth primarily through contributions. Donors include companies and individuals with broadcast interests, as well as families, other foundations and corporations. The INBA Foundation retains an asset manager to supervise its moderately conservative portfolio in the American Funds family.

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