INBA Podcast

Margaret Larkin is a producer at WBBM Radio in Chicago, and has also worked at WGN. She has been producing the Radiogirl Podcast for several years, and has recently begun producing a podcast for INBA.

Please subscribe to the podcast at the INBA Soundcloud page, and let Margaret know if there are other INBA members she should interview. You can reach her at

Episode one with Charlie Wheeler.

Episode two with Bob Roberts.

Episode three with Students You Should Know: Marcellus Angel and Kaitlyn Palakaitis.

Episode four with INBA's 2018 Illinoisan of the Year, Edwin Eisendrath.

Episode five with Molly Jirasek.

Episode six with Lisa Fielding.

Episode seven with H Wayne Wilson.

Episode eight with Jordan Bernfield.

Episode nine with Andrea Darlas, keynote speaker at the Fall 2019 INBA Convention.

Episode ten with Abdul Hakim Shabazz.

Episode eleven with Rob Hart.

Episode twelve with Jim DeRogatis

Episode thirteen with Rob Martier

Episode fourteen with Steve Scott

Episode fifteen with Michele Fiore.


Margaret Larkin interviewing Charlie Wheeler at the INBA Fall 2018 Convention in Springfield